A Wealth of Information
Welcome to Cheqqer, the global content source for TUI Group companies
It contains UGC, Product and Reference content for more than 660,000 Accomodations and 416,000 Locations.Easily add Images, Facts, Reviews, Ratings, Tips, Weather and more to your brochure, website and mobile application.
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What is it?

Cheqqer is a database that is connected to all major content sources within TUI Group.

The database contains millions of ratings and reviews, expert and user tips, destination and accommodation content (including images, facts and descriptions) as well as Seasonal and Forecast Weather for all major destinations.

What is it for?

It is available as a service to all companies owned or part owned by TUI Group. It allows all TUI companies to reduce the cost of content acquisition and speed to market.

Why use it?

It allows you to connect once to obtain access to many content sources (reducing your integration effort).

The variety of the HTML Widgets and the flexibility of the XML Services has been designed to allow you to integrate as quickly and easily as possible.